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This file contains the 2014 Q3 CPT, and HCPCS updates, codes and errata.
Also included in this download:


     -2014 Q3 RBRVS medicare fee schedule including "Doc Fix extension"

     -2014 Q3 NCCI (unbundling) edits version 20.2

     -NCD and LCD Medical Necessity edits to May 2014

     -Medicare Part B drug fees for 2014 Q3

     -LAB and DME tables for 2014 Q2 (unchanged for Q3)

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Windows OS
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     *CMS updated their DME fees on July 28, 2014.  This update has an effective date retro back to 4/1/2014. Please install the patch below to update your 2014 Q3 DME file.


Windows OS DME Patch


Macintosh OS DME Patch

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