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General Questions:
#2 What information is contained in Flash Code?
Flash Code contains*:
• All official ICD-9-CM & 10, CPT®, HCPCS, DRG, and NDC codes (Provider, Anesthesia)
• Medicare RBRVS, DME, and Lab fees (Provider, Anesthesia)
• All active NCCI unbundling edits, plus retired edits back to Jan 1st 2007 (Provider, Anesthesia)
• Medical Necessity codes for Advanced Beneficiary Notification (Provider, Anesthesia)
• The American Society of Anesthesiologists (ASA) RVU®s (Anesthesia)
• All ASA Crosswalks® and Reverse Crosswalks®, and notes (Anesthesia)
• Anesthesia services fee calculator (Anesthesia)


• A special version of Flash Code Provider is available for Dentists that includes the ADA's Current Dental Terminology codes.

*Flash Code modules are listed in parentheses


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